Tax (Rate) Cuts Continue Boosting Tax Rev

Bush's evil "tax cuts for the rich" continue to cause those horrible, wicked "rich people" to perversely pay more in taxes even as the rate that they pay is less than before. Elementary students of economics, however, do not regard these dual data (tax rate cuts, tax rev increase) as perverse at all, but rather expected and predicted.

This Saturday I paid $10 to see Nadir perform in Downtown Detroit at the Buzz Bar. Perhaps $10 was Nadir's optimum ticket price: he would have earned less at $9 or at $11. Or perhaps $10 was too much; perhaps at $7 enough more people would have attended to draw even more revenue than did $10. Or, perhaps the same people (or just a few less) would have attended at $20.

In any case, when those misanthropic Republican haters of poor people claimed that certain government fees (which are what taxes are) were above their optimum price (capital gains taxes "on rich people"), they predicted that their proposed price cut would result in increased revenue from these and other tax sources. Lovers of poor people, Democrats, predicted the opposite. Who was correct?

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