Michael Moore's Sicko Call for Socialized Med

Fox News gives Michael Moore's new film, Sicko, high praise. This article also embraces it. Moore seems to have identified many authentic flaws in the US healthcare system. He calls for making it more socialized, but I wonder: do the current flaws derive from too much socialism already included in our healthcare system?

And certainly some huge fraction (I assume well over half) of our healthcare problems derive from people not taking best advantage of the most effective mechanisms for achieving the longest and most disease-free lives: diets and exercise programs taken as seriously as Americans take other aspects of their lives. And don't for get education, which studies show have a greater positive impact on longevity and health than does access to the "health care system". Those factors (diet, exercise, education) lie outside of the pharmaceutical, surgery, radiation, and other high-tech medical features that compose the Medical Industry.

Thus no matter which direction you favor -- more socialization or less --for American access to the Medical Industry, in my opinion, the non-medical factors are far more important. Neither socialism nor capitalism can possibly guarantee every American the equivalent of a spacious three bedroom suburban house, which is easily the cost of high tech treatments for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and the other "degenerative", choice-based diseases that constitute the bulk of US medical conditions. If Americans instead chose to take as much care in choosing food as they do sneakers, TVs, and cars, and if exercise became as important to them as access to high blood pressure drugs, we could have a chance to have a medical industrial system that could effectively treat accident emergencies and other maladies not deriving from poor health choices.

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