Hitchens V. God

This is an interview of Christopher Hitchens, regarding his new book, "God is Not Great." It also covers his position as atheist supporter of Bush's war against Islamic jihad. I post here page 2 of the interview, which cuts to these matters, but also recommend backing up to page 1.

And here's Hitchey debating none other than Al Sharpton on the question of god's existance. You have to hand it to Al: he is charming, quick-witted, and very funny (when he's not pompously demanding the head of Dom Imus!).

Here's an overview of his case against Mother Teresa, which I title, "Mother Teresa Was No Mother Teresa."

Here's a NYT review of his book. The writer takes numerous unsubstantiated and gratuitous cheap shots at our man, but whenever the writer offers a judgment based on facts and logic related to those facts, he sides with Hitchey. As an example, the writer declares that Hitchey's various positions are deliberate contrarian parlor games intended to amuse, though this conclusion can be based on nothing but the writer's own imagination, unless he's a mind-reader. Yet in assessing Hitchey's arguments against god, he admits that Hitchey has convinced him.

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