Climatologist Disputes Global Warming - Hurricane Link

Am I absolutely certain that (1) global warming is not occurring or that (2) humans are not primarily responsible? No. I am only absolutely certain that at least the same fraction of doubting scientists have honestly reached their conclusions as have the alarmists.

For those of you who are absolutely certain that global warming is occurring and that humans have caused it, is it possible that this scientist has reached his conclusion honestly?

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Nadir said...

You're beating a dead weather pattern here. Humans are part of the cause of global warming, but not all of it.

The weather operates in cycles. Human actions affect those cycles (think of "The Butterfly Effect") but it isn't all our fault. The fact that there were two hurricanes in the 20th century that hit New Orleans in the same way Katrina did should tell us this. It's common sense.

That doesn't mean greenhouse gasses aren't having a negative effect on the planet, because scientists across the planet agree that it is.

"Global warming is causing hurricanes to be stronger, but it is such a small increase it is almost immeasurable, Landsea said."

But it is happening. The climate changes that are occuring have been in the making for thousands of years.

Should we panic? Not just yet. We've got a few years before 2012 gets here and the earth's axis shift is complete.