US refuses to sign UN ban on renditions and secret detention

Fifty-seven countries signed a UN treaty on Tuesday that bans governments from carrying out forced disappearances and holding individuals in secret detention. Washington, as well as a number of European governments, including Britain, Germany, Spain and Italy, refused to sign.

At the treaty signing in Paris, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy commented, “Our American friends were naturally invited to this ceremony; unfortunately, they weren’t able to join us.”

The International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance calls for nations to adopt an “absolute ban” on secret detentions and provides for the tracing of the whereabouts of the “disappeared.” It also obliges each state party to ensure that victims of renditions and secret detention have the right to reparations.

It requires each nation signing on to submit for prosecution by competent authorities any person suspected of carrying out forced disappearances anywhere in the world. The convention also establishes a committee charged with monitoring the implementation of the treaty and to take action in individual cases.

The Bush administration has been "disappearing" people since 2001...

Do you "reformed leftists" agree with the creation of secret prisons and extraordinary rendition? Don't you agree that Bush and company should be indicted and jailed for these criminal and fascist acts?


Paul Hue said...

From what I have read so far, I support your position on this, Nadir. But remember, Bush I has shown himself to be a Big Government Republican. I support small, simplified government, and a maximum of personal liberties, even if this exposes us to threat from madmen and tyrants.

Paul Hue said...


Yet US military officials continue to arrest and prosecute troops for atrocities. What other military forces on earth do this?