O’Reilly: “Feel Sorry for us White Folks”

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly is basically saying he doesn’t have Black friends because he is afraid that he will offend. As if he (and white America) is constantly wrestling with some internal demon force–keeping all of those racist, mean-spiritied beliefs suppressed.

So that is why white people and Black people live in seperate communities?

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Paul Hue said...

I totally disagree with this assessment. For one thing, the writer has incorrectly attributed the "black friend" comment to OReilly, but it actually comes from another righty honkey cable chatter, Glenn Beck:


Both these guys are puzzled and frustrated that calling anybody "articulate" could cause offense. PC people have a maddenting habit of declaring people's intentions, and of course finding a negative intention to get offended at.

News flash: honkies refer to other honkies as "articulate". This is a word in their vocabulary. They also use it to describe black people. It does not indicate amazement that an articulate black person exists.

These sorts of phoney and unneccessary outrages do make some white people nervous, in that they certainly are not racist, and don't want to say something around black people that will get mis-interpreted as racist. The writer of this article concludes that this nervousness indicates that these honkies suffer from some racism that they want to keep surpressed; incorrect: they are non-racist, but they can't keep up with the list of innocuous phrases that apparantly many black folks use as reasons for falling into a fit of indignation.