White People Rioting Over Sports

I imagine nothing stupider or more uncivilized than randomly destroying property and harming other humans over a sports match. OK, beating and executing people for violating your religious superstitions, including cartoonists. But this is also extremely stupid. Do only honkies do this? Ignorant crackers in the US stage nihilistic riots when their collegiate sports teams win or lose big games, and sometimes do this for pro sports games. In Europe this honkey misbehavior seems to be even worse and more frequent. Here we have Italians killing a police officer and severely wounding another with an explosive. Perhaps an indication of why honkies are getting outperformed by Asians on standardized tests and other measures of academic success?


Nadir said...

People of color riot around the globe over injustice and oppression. White people riot over more important things like sports and beer.

But during the LA riots, Blacks were called "savage". Whites riot over sports and Paul calls it "misbehavior".

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: Put me down for "savage" for this riot, and for the sports riots where the honkies go burn other people's cars and (in Europe) engage in mass fighthing. You will surely remember that the Rodney King riot involved pulling an innocent man out of his truck (because of how the mob categorized him racially) and smashing his head with a concrete block and dancing around him. Surely that qualifies as "savage", though I don't recall reading or hearing that word. I recall that some of the intelligent black folks helped and protected him.

The Rodney King verdict was injust, but those riots were counterproductive, idiotic, and involved mostly criminals taking an excuse to go on looting rampages. I know that some people who are not normally criminal who took advantage to go grab some free booze. Decent people were even more outraged than the rioting mauraders, but they did not go destroy their own neighborhoods nor attack innocent people.