Hollywood Discriminatation Against Blacks

I think Jesse Jackson has a good point here: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (the people who vote on the Oscars) has only 110 blacks in its 5,830 membership. This looks very low even if you account for the possibility that although blacks are just as likely as white to seek jobs as actors, this might not be the case for the various other roles that qualify for Acadamy membership.

But Jackson make a poor point when he hold up "a UCLA study by Russell Robinson, released in December 2006, that found 69 percent of Hollywood roles were reserved for white actors." The US is about 70% honkey, so that's a about right. That same study, discussed here earlier, showed that Hollywood reserved 8% of its roles for blacks, which is pretty on-the-mark given that blacks comprise about 12% of the US population.

I want to identify real instances of racism in Hollywood, and then nail any bastards or bitches who are propagating it.

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