Gotcha! You Offended Me!

Pres. candidate Edwards has a campaign blogger who wrote something to which some people chose to "take offense." Then pres. candidate Obama said that US troops killed in Iraq had "wasted" their lives, to which of course many of my fellow Bush war cheerleaders decided to swell with offense, interpretting in the most negative possible way. One "offensive" act elicited demands for a forced firing, the other for a forced aplogy, and both succeeded. Would it be enough if Obama and Edwards disembowled themselves? Would that then make life possible for those agreived by these words? How about just behaving like serious, intelligent adults: permit other adults to express themselves as they like, and stick to debating issues, rather than acting like school children reporting to teachers that some playmate called you a dukey face.

This behavior ensures:
1. Somebody will act this way to something said by you or one of your favored candidates.
2. Public officials will express themselves blandly... and you will criticize them for their phoney, inoffensive expressions.

These examples show that righties have their own vacuous PC police.

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Nadir said...

At least Edwards and Obama didn't have to go to rehab for their sins...