Michigan Gov Plans Tax Rate Increase

Michigan voters re-elected a Democratic governer, and provided her with enough Democratic legislators to enable her to deal with the state's shrinking tax base by... raising tax rates. This op-ed writer correctly observes: when this scheme results in the predictable *REDUCTION* in tax revenues, by chasing away businesses and penalizing profis, voters should not blame the Democrats for doing what it is that they do. Instead, voters who want a better Michigan economy should think of this at the next election, and get mad only at Republicans who support this sure-to-fail action.

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Nadir said...

I agree with some of this assessment. Michigan doesn't need a tax increase.

What we do need is for most of the corporations in the state to pay their fair share. Companies like GM, Compuware and Ford pay very little in taxes, but they are not creating the jobs that were expected in return for those tax breaks.

If everyone in Michigan paid their fair share, there wouldn't be a need for a tax increase that will go on the backs of the already overtaxed middle class.