Detroit's Missed Musical Opportunty

When people around the world think of Detroit, one of the things that come to their mind is: Music. And when they think of music, one of the things that comes to their mind is: Detroit. Yet it appears here in my home central city, live music doesn't even exist... except for people really, really in the know, who really, really want to know. The casual night-lifer and the out-of-town visitor will never find it.

Seems to me that somebody could make a bundle creating a Motown musical destination review, sort of like that supid country music city where Dolly Parton and those folks each have their own theater. This sort of thinking seems to me without bounds; perhaps combining it with area black gospel music, which also has an international following. A jazz venue or tow might even work. I suppose for some, Detroit also has a rock heritage, and that could figure in.


Nadir said...

The city council has discussed this Branson, Missouri type of approach to honor Detroit's past. They had an entertainment task force last year, but I don't know if that was a permanent entity.

There is tons of great live music in Detroit. Because of this, I think a lot of Detroiters take it for granted.

But go to The Buzz Bar on any night of the week and you'll hear great live artists of many different genres. Go to DistortedSoul.com and look at the links for some of my friends in Detroit and find out when they are playing.

Detroit's music isn't centralized like it is in Austin or like it used to be in Nashville. You have to go all over town to find the hot spots. But they are here.

Nadir said...

Sorry. I meant there "are" tons.