Global Warming Caused by Cosmic Rays

Here's an article from London's Sunday Times, by a former editor of New Scientist. He reviews and embraces the findings of a Danish climatology research team, as does a similar article in London's Daily Telegraph. Who has bought off these writers in London and these researchers in Holland? Al Gore and the US National Institutes of health, as well as uncountable picket-line chanters, are 100% convinced that global warming has arrived, it is rushing ahead towards global calamity, thoughtless human activity causes it, and only drastic changes to human activity can avert it. There; issue settled. Anybody, including scientists, stating contrary views has surely had his or her opinion pruchased by evil corporations attempting to squeeze profits from the world via activities that will destroy the world, in an attempt to get rich at the expense of millions of suffering people. Meanwhile, those who hold the Al Gore view, including a majority of scientists, are providing only their honest assessments, with no regard for pleasing funding sources and university hiring and tenure committees. One thing's for sure: what ever George Bush believes is wrong.

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