No Free Speech In East Lansing: MSU pursues Orwellian thought reform

Here's one for all you concerned citizens for free speech. Another glaring example of our educational system teaching (idoctrinating) kids "what" to think rather than "how" to think.

No proper anger allowed

The SAC sessions continue, with the student repeatedly being told the "right" way to feel and talk. There appear to be no appropriate situations for anger; indeed, in the seminar on the SAC program, participants were told that even religious beliefs may be "a form of obfuscation." Adding insult to injury, students are required to pay for this service (You've got to be f*cking kidding me?!).

The SAC program is a legal minefield. Possible constitutional claims against it include enforcing an unconstitutional speech code, compelling students to speak against their will and the basic denial of due process, as well as contractual claims stemming from MSU's promises of free speech and due process.

Yes, state colleges may punish students for inappropriate or abusive behavior, but this program goes well beyond these bounds into pseudo-psychological re-education. Free societies do not tell people what they must say or feel under threat of punishment, and our universities should respect the fundamental right to private conscience.

Michigan State claims to be reviewing the program. I can think of no means of rectifying its many faults short of abolishing it.

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Nadir said...

Hey, they can go through this program now or go through rehab later.