Australia: Muslim boys urinate on Bible

So far, no reports of worldwide rioting by Christians.


Paul Hue said...

Wonder if headlines will announce that even zealous "cristian freaks" don't resort to homicidal rage of such extremity that they stampede each other to death.

Paul Hue said...

This story contains one dubious element similar to the phony koran-flushing story: can you successfully set fire to a bible that you just peed on?

Paul Hue said...

I believe that many christians are nuts, and even negatively so. I oppose them in these areas:

1. I support abortion, though I do recognize a moral problem with it.
2. I oppose boycotts of media judged by them to blaspheme.
3. I oppose any inclusion of "god" or "jesus" as any official portion of government, though I do support private citizens using government property for religious ceremonies, so long as all religions receive availability for this purpose.

We should remember how nuts they went at tax dollar expenditure for display of "piss jesus" in NYC. I generally oppose tax funds for art of any sort (except inclusion in buildings erected for govt business), not merely art that offends segments of the public. To the extent that govt funds to go art, I suggest that "christians" follow the example of jesus in such a matter: DO NOT CARE! Can you imagine what jesus would have done if the romans would have used govt funds to produce and display art ridiculing Moses? As Jesus said of unfair taxes: the money has Ceaser's image on it, "render unto him that which is his." If the romans want to use their money -- including that taken from us in taxes -- to ridicule Moses, then so be it. What matters is what is in your heart, not what the govt has erected as art.

These christiand look good to me only in comparison to the nutty muslims.