Evil Bible Commandments

Here's a compilation of commands from the Bible that rival some similar commands from the Koran, with these very important differences (as best I can tell):

1. All of the evil Bible commands appear in the Old Testiment / Talmud, written a thousand or so years before Jesus, and 700 years or so more than that before Mohammad issued any commands.

2. Jesus, whose teachings form the basis of christianity, commanded no evil actions. To the contrary, of the various evil Old T commandments (killing whores and fags), Jesus either over turned them ("let he who is without sin cast the first stone") or left no surviving commentary.

3. When Mohammad came along about 700 years after Jesus, he not only advocated all the wickedness of the Old T, he added some of his own. Even the Old T didn't advocate taking hostages and stealing. Where Jesus advanced civilization, Mohammad sought to take it backwards.

I rank Mohammad along with David and many of the Old T heroes amoungst the great devils that have ever walked this earth.

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