Say it Loud! We LOVE James Brown!

The Godfather

With the passing this week of Michigan son Gerald Ford there was some concern that the transition of James Brown might be overshadowed by coverage of the former president. The media lovefest and selective amnesia that we all endured after the demise of Ronald Reagan has returned for Ford, but in death as in life, Soul Brother Number One will not be denied. No disrespect to Mr. Ford, but he was president for two years. James Brown will be The Godfather forever.

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Paul Hue said...

JB was a man of real accomplishments who the world will remember forever; his impact will affect even those who don't know about him.

Gerald Ford created a successful career, building himself from modest beginnings including a father who left his family. I do not understand the praise for his pardoning Nixon. In retrospect I think that Nixon's crimes were overblown, but why should he and not the rest of us get a pardon?