Duke Rape: Wake Up Black America!

Black sports columnist and NBA retiree Stephen A. Smith elequeuntly states the obvious: The accuser is lying, the DA is trampling justice, and black activists who are backing them are wasting resources needed for real fights. Smith's list of "real fights" enjoys credability from those who agree with him about the Duke case.

A related article in Time predicts that North Carolina's Bar Association will disbar him, and force him from office. Tom Sowell adds a fresh commentary as well, and here the North Carolina Conference of DAs calls for his ouster.

I hope that now those who only care about blacks getting a fair deal from the justice system will see that these sorts of problems affect all groups; and I hope that this also opens the eyes of those who previously assumed that only truly guilty people get accused, arrested, and even convicted -- even of rape. Just imagine where these guys would be now if the accuser Magnum and / or the DA Nifong had their lies and conduct in order.

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