The Fed Bans the Melting of Coins

"Given rising metal prices, the pennies and nickels in your pocket are worth more melted down than their face value -- and that has the government worried."

US coins aren't worth the metal they are minted with and for the most part, the dollar isn't worth the paper it's printed on.

Time to start converting those digital assets (the numbers on your financial statement) into cold, hard cash (gold, silver and euros).

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Paul Hue said...

The US is so horrible, we should just all kill ourselves.

1. Mandate minimum wage = 100$/hour, including for all members of bands and independent newspaper consultants.
2. Mandate "free" medical service to all people in the US, including every last possible emergency and elective drug, operation, test, or any procedure.
3. Raise taxes on all rich people, back to 70% for every dollar they earn over on million bucks annually, 50% of all wealth left to heirs (the death tax), and 50% for all those evil "capital gains".
4. Reenact the "Luxury tax"; make those greedy, evil rich bastards pay at least 30% tax on yachts, private jets, and diamonds. Those devils can afford it!
5. Increase taxes on gasoline, from the current 35% average up to... 90%! Then let's raise the taxes on that 10% current evil profit that those devil petro companies currently make: let's soak that up so that their profit shrinks down to 5%. No more stuffing their pockets with the hard-earned, worthless dollars of working people!

Nobody would ever die, because we'd all have "free" healthcare! And lots of dollars, because we'd all make at least 100$/hr for whatever we do, even drumming on the weekends at any club in town. Just walk in with your drum set, and announce, "OK you bastards! I'm going to drum here for the next 4 hours. Get ready to pay me 400$! Plus benefits! An oh, yeah, next weekend I have to stay home with my sick kid. So you can just give me my $400 now, since I won't be here then."

Oh, what a glorious land we would have!