"Tolerant" Americans Suggest Tattoos and Armbands for Muslims

When radio host Jerry Klein suggested that all Muslims in the United States should be identified with a crescent-shape tattoo or a distinctive arm band, the phone lines jammed instantly.

The first caller to the station in Washington said that Klein must be "off his rocker." The second congratulated him and added: "Not only do you tattoo them in the middle of their forehead but you ship them out of this country... they are here to kill us."

Another said that tattoos, armbands and other identifying markers such as crescent marks on driver's licenses, passports and birth certificates did not go far enough.

"What good is identifying them?" he asked. "You have to set up encampments like during World War Two with the Japanese and Germans."

Paul says Americans are mostly tolerant. Really?


Paul Hue said...

I claimed that Americans are generally very tolerant, and that overall they are the most tolerant people on earth. I did not state that no Americans were intolerant. My claim predicts that you will find some Americans who are intolerant. If you want to falsify my claim, provide the following evidence:

A. People around the world find Americans so intolerant that:

1. Immigration and tourism from non-white nations to the US has declined significantly.

2. Non-white people in the US have begun emigrating from the US to other nations.

B. Any proposal such as you find advocated by some obscure radio host and some of his callers is being implemented.

sixstringslinger said...

How do we know the callers in question weren't "plants". That would be really easy to pull off.

Paul Hue said...

Six: Let's assume that the callers are all genuine, in a nation of 300 million. None of us who consider the US population generally tolerant believes that all Americans are tolerant. The immigration figures speak for themselves on this issue.