DNA Rape Hoax Update

1. The rape samples taken from her contained the semen from "multiple men", but none that matched any of the Duke players, including the three accused, nor did any of it match her official "boyfriend." This evidence adds to the contradictions to her claims to police that she had no sex with anybody in the days prior to her rape allegation. Previously other men had testified to having had sex with her in the days prior to the famous night, and she eventually admitted to performing dildo sex for a couple hours before the Duke lacross party. And yes, in statements to police she claimed that the Duke rapists used no condoms and ejaculated.

2. This DNA data got withheld from the defense... at the DA's request! This was the "second, more accurate" testing ordered by the DA after the first round contradicted his pre-testing insistence that it would "identify the culprits and exonerate the innocent."

3. She's pregnant! About two weeks after supposedly getting gang-raped and being desperately distraught, she became pregnant. Previously we learned that during this supposed "post-rape" time she resumed stripper work and her workmates reported no change in her conduct, or any indication from her that she had suffered a rape.

Consider: Semen from "several men" who did not brutally rape her at some unknown times in the past, but *none* from the men who supposedly did just hours before tissue sampling. Imagine how screwed these guys would be if the accuser had her lies together, or if the DA had his own vendetta in order.


republican brother said...

This case has become a 14k joke. The Duke players should at the very least sue Nifong for destroying their lives. At the very worst, he should be thrown in jail. The stripper should be thrown in a cell right next to him.

Paul Hue said...

Amazingly her cousin-supporter on Greta Van Susteren last night provided the following rational for why DA Nifong would not press an invalid rape charge: "He's not a fool. It would be political suicide." Yet he did, and the payoff: Reelection! With a solid black voting block buying this story (which they would reject if the "races" were flipped!), imagine had Nifong behaved properly. Certainly a bunch of "angry black" folks would have denounced him as a racist.

Remember all those students at that rally? They constantly asserted a phony claim, echoed last night by the cousin, that "they" keep calling her a "stripper but never a single mother and a college student." One, untrue, two, as if she was at the party house to pick up her kids from daycare and study for her college class!

Paul Hue said...

At the very least DA Nifong richly deserves professional censure, if not even prosecution. Before any DNA samples were taken, he had already declared to the world media that:

1. Some of the Duke players had raped the girl.
2. DNA samples would identify the guilty parties and exonorate the innocent.
3. All of the Duke players were refusing to cooperate.

Points 1 and 2 violate state prosecutor bar regulations, and of course simple ethics. Much evidence indicates that 3 is false, and no evidence other than Nifong's claim indicates that it is true.

Now we learn that once Nifong obtained the DNA samples he discovered that the accuser, Magnum, had in her vagina semen DNA from "several" men, but none from any of the Duke players AND HE FAILED TO TURN THIS OVER TO THE DEFENSE during discovery (and almost just as unethically PROCEEDED WITH THE PROSECUTION!). You will hear Magnum's preposterous advocates admit that this case "lacks DNA evidence", but they misspeak: this case overflows with DNA evidence, although it exonerates the accused. Consider this: which side do you think will enter this evidence into the trial?

A very horrible situation for:

1. Real rape victims who will in the future get extra scrutiny.
2. Real cases of racist anti-black false accusations: where will such victims find safety now that Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and even our own Nadir have chopped down all the trees of logic to protect such a person?

Paul Hue said...


The official for the DNA analysis company testified Friday to the judge that Nifong arranged for him to omit the complete results. Amazing. This was the "more accurate" second test that Nifong ordered after the first testing contradicted his outrageously unethical pre-test boasting, demonstrating no DNA match between the accuser Magnum and the false rape charge victims. This "more accurate" test found semen remains from "multiple" "male donors", none of them Dukies.

On the recent TV broadcast, Magnum's cousin several times described Magnum as having at the time a "committed relationship", though the male identified also failed to match any of the "donated semen." That is how crazy her supporters are.

Paul Hue said...

I just hope that all the whites who have taken an interest in this case will continue their vigilance when a similar injustice gets imposed on innocent non-white people. The fake accuser here initially received all sorts of support, and that support mostly comprised white people: the usual gaggle of lefties who believe that "women never lie about rape" and that "the system and white frat boys are racist." But that group mostly backed down as the facts emerged, and perhaps they will exhibit more intelligence in the future in such matters.

Righty whites also initially supported the false accuser, and in unison lowered a hammer down on the Duke jerks. They have demonstrated that they have an authentic nose for injustice.

The people who have behaved most abominably are the black lefties, who -- like everybody else -- initially believed the false accuser, but have mostly remained in her corner even as the facts against her mounts. I wonder what they will do when something like this next happens to a black person. What credibility will they have? They have already erected an assortment of preposterous arguments accepting this increasingly preposterous accusation.

When such a time comes, I hope that they see that both lefty and righty honkies support the unjustly accused black person.

Paul Hue said...


More info on hidden DNA evidence.