Britain Says No More 'War on Terror'

"Many senior British politicians and counter-terrorism specialists have always been uneasy with the term 'the war on terror', coined by the White House in the week following the 9/11 attacks, arguing that the term risked inflaming opinions worldwide. Other critics said that it was too 'military' and did not adequately describe the nature of the diverse efforts made to counter the new threat."


Paul Hue said...

I also disparage the term, which I reckon derives from undue deference to political correctness, and as always such deference results in a preposterous term. Example: the term "African American."

Correct terms would include, "War against Islamic crusaderism." However, that would require some effort to explain and to understand how invading Iraq would fit under that term.

Paul Hue said...

For those out there who believe that Europeans and Britains are "smarter" and "less shallow" than Americans, please go see The Queen. Though the title indicates an appearance by Nadir's dad, it's actually about the aftermath of Dianna's death, and the silly squabble amongst three queens: Charles, his mum, and Tony Blair. The behavior of the British people following Dianna's death was quite deplorable, including mass shedding of real tears, and the expenditure of real money on real flowers for the death of a super-rich dilettante, who even in her last moments lived in un-earned opulence. Are the British people really any less stupid than the US public?