Flying While Muslim... & Implimenting Terror?

Maybe there's more to this story than originally reported. This website claims to present interviews with some of the passengers and crew. So far the corporate media has indeed reported that passengers and crew are reporting more than the original report, but not as much as on this website. Let's see. Americans overall are a very tolerant people, as best I can tell.


Nadir said...

I think Westerners are suspicious of anyone who doesn't act like them.

The fact that they were speaking in Arabic about Bin Laden and condeming the US for ousting Saddam Hussein isn't suspicious in and of itself, but because of the fear in American's minds about people who speak Arabic, if Paul had said similar things, he might be asked to leave the plane.

Was this a stunt? Perhaps, but it doesn't change the fact that it works because of the FEAR FACTORY that is being propagated by this administration and the media.

Paul Hue said...

We'll see if any facts come forward to make this more interesting. The rush of people from around the world to live here, the prosperous data that they produce, and the reluctance of any to ever leave provide solid evidence in support of my contention that Americans are the most tolerant people on earth.

Paul Hue said...

I propose the following experiment at an airport, in a boarding area that contains people whose clothing indicates adherence to one of the three major US superstitious cults: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam: Have a group of people like me display cartoons ridiculing Mohammad, Moses, Jesus, and god himself. Then we would see who is tolerant and who is intolerant.