Killer Iceberg Lettuce

When wondrous, nourishing baby spinach got contaminated with ecoli, US consumers went nuts, and began to fear this manna. What now that lifeless, flavorless, nutrientless iceberg lettuce now appears as the culprit at Taco Bell?


Nadir said...

Death to the Industrial Food complex!

Bring back local farmers and local food supplies.

republican brother said...

I ate a Taco Bell this evening Paul. So far, I'm still in the land of the living. I wonder who were the ones "hired" to pick the lettuce that would eventually be shipped to Taco Bell?

Nadir said...

Republican brother? Are you implying that undocumented immigrant workers may have poisoned the lettuce in your burrito supreme?

You should be more afraid of the processed cheesefood, reconstituted refried beans and the mad cow beef in your Taco Hell than the migrant workers picking the lettuce for $2.45 an hour.