91% of black murders committed by blacks

In just **FIVE*** years, black muderers kill FOUR times more black folks than all the black folks lynched during the years when lynchings were recorded. As for white folks getting murdered, most of their killers are also black. These are amazing facts.


Nadir said...

Don't you ever come up with anything new?

Paul Hue said...

Good answer! But I bet very few blacks know these statistics. Here's something "new": your hero, Marion Berry, whom I lampooned for getting a speaking post -- an enthusiastically received one -- at the Million Excuses March II, is still doing cocaine:


Now, of course I support total drug legalization, and believe that if a person should get judged by his performance, not his blood test. But I believe that Berry was a cheap crook, ala Tom Delay, and his policies ran DC into the ground during his time as mayor.

Why do I broach this story in this post? Because it represents black folks totally screwing up, blaming honkies, and rallying behind behavior that is not only self-destructive, but destructive of others.

Nadir said...

Why do you care so much about it?

I agree that some black folks are so wrapped up in blaming "The Man" that they neglect their own problems. However, black on black crime is not one of these areas.

I don't see where you get the notion that blacks are killing more white folks. This article doesn't discuss that. I would bet that white people kill more white people, Asian people kill more Asian people and Latinos kill more Latinos.

But this is old news that must be dealt with in the context of a failing economy and rising poverty rates.

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: I may be wrong about most white murders being committed by blacks. However, there are so many outrageous aspects of the crime statistics that I get lost a bit in them. They point a very serious problem and urgent within black society, and the statistics get very little press. I only know about these trends because of Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams, though my google search didn't find their articles about this. One of the highlights is that that whereas white-on-black crimes get lots of media attention and public outcry, of the inter-racial murders in the US for the last few decades, 90% are black-on-white. Also, blacks commit about half of all murders in the US, which is about 4 times their fraction of the population. Looking just at black males, they commit in murder 8 times their fraction of the population. Whites in the US commit murder at lower than their fraction of the population, and Asians are much lower. There is strong statistical support for "racial profiling", unfortunately.


Paul Hue said...

Why do I care so much? How could I not? Anybody who want "colored people" to "advance" should logically be quite fixated on how to advance a group which is making such choices at such an outrageous fraction of its population.

republican brother said...

Paul I commented the same thing about the murder rate here in Baltimore on a local talk show last week. From 1990 to 2005 4,321 black men were killed in Baltimore. That's a thousand more killed then on 911. Last years Baltimore had 270 murders of young black males. Those murders weren't committed by the Klu Klux, Neo Nazi Skinheads, the Police or whites in general. Those young black males were slaughtered by fellow black males. The race pimps don't want to talk about that though. They're isn't any profit to be made from it. What do you think would have happen if just one of those murders was due to a police envolved shooting by a white cop?lol I can hear it now. No Justice No Peace. Blah Blah