A Christian Al-Qaida?

Here's the Lord's Resistance Army, in Uganda, which is as bad as Al-Qaida, though it does not appear bent on ruling more than just a small region. I'm not sure how central a role that the bible plays in its activities; the leader claims to be imposing the Ten Commandments. I wonder how many of these people started as innocent children, but got transformed into butchers by the process described in this article (forced to execute your own family, for one thing).

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Paul Hue said...

"Their children are murdered or abducted and enslaved and then come back to murder and abduct and enslave even more children."

The leader of this also practices slavery, and has an alliance with the muslim govt in Sudan, where slavery is also practiced. The description of the alliance between the muslim retards of Sudan and these christian retards from Uganda was too dense for me to absorb.