History Professor’s Mail Opened by Homeland Security

Grant Goodman is an 81-year-old emeritus professor of Asian history at the University of Kansas. He has had an ongoing correspondence by snail mail with a former professor of history at the University of the Philippines, where Goodman had taught on three separate occasions.

In early December, he was shocked when a letter arrived from her that had already been opened.


Paul Hue said...

Nadir: I share your disdain for this. But do you wonder about how much of this sort of thing occurred under FDR during WWII and Lincoln during the Civil War? This is a complex subject for me, unlike torture, which I oppose 100% in all circumstances.

Nadir said...

Just because others have done it doesn't make it right.

Paul Hue said...

I agree that just because others have done it that doesn't make it acceptable. But when I examine the big picture, as I decide where to focus my outrage, I must recognize that in some of the greatest advances forward in liberty on this earth (Lincon's war against the confederacy, FDR/Churchill's war against Hitler and Hirohito) there were these sorts of violations. I have not called for accepting this. And to those who advocate this sort of thing, I ask: Have you assessed how much these sorts of actions advanced Lincoln and FDR?

Nadir said...

Totalitarian tactics are sometimes the most expedient way to hold an organization together, however, that doesn't make them democratic, and it certainly doesn't advance anyone's notion of freedom.

Lincoln's actions were desparate. He was trying to hold a nation together in its infancy. They were still totalitarian and cannot be endorsed. FDR's actions were racist and are inexcusable.