Demand Apology-o-rama: Clinton's Plantation Comment

The Repos and Demos both are equally deplorable in choosing to take offense at comments with which they disagree, and then issuing urgent demands, always for an apology, and often for firings and resignations. The latest example is Hilary Clinton's charactorization of the house of represenatives being run "like a plantation." I call for people who disagree with this comment to merely to merely articulate their disagreement, and then move on, without takig offense. Such conduct will serve you well the next time that you say something with which somebody disagrees, and you have to face demands for an apology.


Nadir said...

Like Nagin's quote the same day, Hillary's statement was stupid, and is a bad analogy.

Nobody forced the Democratic house members to vote for war, then vote against withdrawl or for any of the other measures that have passed with Democratic votes.

If Hillary thinks her counterparts in the House are enslaved, she should do something to free them.

Paul Hue said...

Agree with you here, Nadir. And though I disagree with her and Nagin's comments, I oppose any attempts to force them to appologize, or to swell up with indignation. We're all adults here (I hope). If the other guy says something that you disagree with, counter with facts and logic, then go have beer together.

Paul Hue said...

The republicans are really embarrassing me on this issue. They are acting like PC police. Last night on one of the blabfests, a liberal pointed out that lots of republicans have called the welfare system "Uncle Sam's Plantation," or used similar phrases. The republican on the show had only the lamest response, and refused to let go of his hyper-sensitivity to Hillary's comment.

The intelligent position I think on this issue is that (1) house democrats are among the most affluent and privlidged people ever in the world, whereas slaves were, well, slaves. OK, so let's move one. Somebody made an analogy that I find illogical. So what. (2) Welfare recipients live lives that are dreadful compared to the lives of other Americans, and there is a system that provides for their needs -- ala the master -- but these people have free choice to work their way out, and they live long, fat lives wherein they die of affluent diseases like diabetes, and with no scars on their bodies inflicted by white folks. So that's a dumb analogy, too (though perhaps somewhat less dumb than comparing House democrats to slaves). Also, let's move on without swelling up with indignation.

republican brother said...

Why did Hillary say to the audience "You know what I mean"? Was any black person in that church ever a slave on a plantation? Maybe Iam missing something. She threw here race baiting out to the audience, and it came back to smack her just like a boomrang. Democrats feel they can say anything stupid to blacks and they will just eat it up without processing what was actually said. This is one of th rare events where most blacks actually used analytical thinking. This needs to happen more.