Pig Delay

I hope Delay goes down. Will the voters of his district show them selves to be as retarded as those of Kwame's? It will be fascinated to see if the voters of his district-- which is not in a devistating crisis-- will show themselves to have more self-respect and intelligence than those of desperate Detroit, a majority of whom cheer-on Kwame's fiddling around as their city falters. What a disgrace.


Nadir said...

Which is the disgrace? Tom Delay or Kwame Kilpatrick?

Paul Hue said...

They are both disgraces. As are the voters of Detroit who would re-elect such a guy in the midst of their severe municipal financial problems. The Chicago mayor has now shown to have engaged in curruption, though perhaps not as blatantly as Kwame (though perhaps involving more money). But Chicago is flourishing. I can half-way respect a person who knowingly votes for a currupt politician, but one that is effective in his office.

In the case of Kwame, had he succeeded (or even tried) to halve the property tax rates, eliminate the income tax, etc., I could certainly understand the rationale of somebody who forgives the monthly outrageous cash grab scams.

Delay is a total disgrace; he is a pig. Perhaps his district is thriving. But I think that his constituents should fire his ass. And I hope that he goes to jail. The reason these guys behave this way is that we voters permit it.