Authorities verify -Osama Bin Laden tape is a FAKE!

“A Duke professor says he is doubtful about Thursday’s audiotape from Osama bin Laden.Bruce Lawrence has just published “Messages to the World: The Statements of Osama Bin Laden,” a book translating bin Laden’s writing. He is skeptical of Thursday’s message.

Slinger: Let's trade that "X-Files" theme in for THIS SONG.


Paul Hue said...

The guy who claims that it's a fake also believes that Bin Laden is dead, which would be a victory Bush, as the fulfillment of a goal that even Nadir supports (pursuing bin Laden instead of Hussein). If that's the case: Which of the waring sides benefits from the false impression that Bin Ladin is alive? Surely not Bush, who gets criticized by the Nadirs of the world for failing to bag bin Ladin, destracted by the "illegal", etc. war in Iraq. A dead Bin Ladin represents victory for Bush.

As of the time of the Bin Ladin tape surfacing, I was wholly unaware of any Bush support downturn. His poll numbers were up, the headlines were declaring victory for him in the Alito hearings, and the recent Iraqi elections enjoyed favorable press.

Nadir said...

I haven't criticized Bush for failing to catch Bin Laden. I criticized Bush because there was no evidence presented that Bin Laden was responsible for 9/11 in the first place.

The illegal war in Iraq is a travesty for many reasons, and in my opinion, none of them have anything to do with Bin Laden.

Paul Hue said...

If the Bush Regime is run by such powerful Rulers of the World, why didn't they simply plant perfect evidence that Sadaam Hussein himself personally ordered and led the 911 attacks? And further that he and Bin Laden worked in unrefutable concordance? And why no planted banned weapons? For such a powerful organization, they are so sloppy that I don't even believe such powers exist.

Paul Hue said...

In all my reading of the Free Market literature, I can't find any arguments on behalf of colonialism, or any sort of international control of any nations by a central nation. All the literature written by Free Market advocates insists that the most people make the most money when nations are independantly governed by liberal, constitutional democracies comprised entirely of residents of those nations. These people -- including Bush and Cheney -- believe that economic prosperity requires such decmocracies, which include freedom of speach and religion.

Only the opponents of Free Markets assign to the Free Marketeers a desire for colonialism and repression.

republican brother said...

Seeing that most liberals believe that Osama Bin Laden is actually on the president's payroll, it doesn't surprise me at all. Many liberals believe that it was the CIA that beheaded the Nick Berg, Paul Johnson and others. Then some liberals belive Bush and Cheney remotely controlled the airliners into the WTC and the Pentagon. Nothing surprises me anymore.