Prosperity in George Bush's Economy

Why are folks so pessimistic about our boom-boom American economy? Because for most of us, it's painful to live in.


Paul Hue said...

Why do poor people from around the world continue to move here, and to do so at such great effort and sacrifice? And why does almost nobody ever leave?

Paul Hue said...

Who are buying all those houses that are springing up? Why aren't Americans immigrating to Venesuela? And why not Cuba? The leaders of those nations "care about the people"?

Paul Hue said...

I sure don't think that our economy is perfect. The way is clear to even more prosperity:

1) Universal flat 10% income tax rate for everybody, with no exemptions, even for real estate.

2) Privatized social security.

3) School vouchers for all k-12.

4) Various other Paul education reforms (elimination of non-scholarly subjects from k-12 and university, erection of trade schools for subjects such as nursing, welding, etc., seperation of academics and competitive sports, k-12 teachers having academic degrees instead of "education" degrees, etc.)

5) Massive federal and state tax spending cuts for such things as farm subsidies.

6) Businesses hiring liberal arts and science majors instead of "business" majors.

With the entire world seemingly immigrating and staying in the US now, imagine the immigration demand with an even stronger economy.

Nadir said...

Why don't you address the points in the article instead of listing your usual talking points?

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: Your retort is logical.

However, I do not have a counter to the specifics raised in the article. But since so many people continue immigrating here, and so few immigrate from here, I presume that relative to the rest of the world, the US is a powerfully attractive place to reside. And from what I understand about economics, this place could be even better (hence I assume that there are negative economic points), but for the reasons I listed.

You will never hear me claim that the US lacks any negative economic factors, or that we have no room for improvement.

Paul Hue said...

Nadir: The following recent commentary by economist Walter Williams portrays an economic picture of the US that is very attractive. In deciding if your repulsive description of the US economy is more accurate, I look to the immigration data, which show that the US is powerfully attractive.

Paul Hue said...


Nadir said...

Immigration data doesn't do it. It is true that the U.S. economy could offer a lot of opportunity to residents of the world.

I predict you will see a change in that immigration data over the next few decades. When China updates some aspects of its infrastructure and relaxes immigration policy, it will become a destination. Venezuela just might if Chavez's policies continue to show positive growth in the Latin American economy.

And though American corporation's are showing positive signs of growth, American workers are not.

Paul Hue said...

We shall see, Nadir. Socialism has always caused poverty and migration, as far as I can tell. If China liberalizes socially and politically, I certainly agree that people will immigrate there! Capitalism/democracy has always attracted immigration and prosperity, where ever it has truly taken root. And America may just go down the tubes. Maybe we will start immigrating to India and China.