Albert Brooks: Move Isreal to Georgia

If this happened, here's what would certainly occur:

1. The new nation in Georgia would quickly become thriving and safe nation (ie, a democracy based on capitalism) drawing immigrants (not just jews) from around the world.

2. Palistine would become a dreadful, impoverished nation (ie, no democracy), exporting its people to democracies around the world.


Nadir said...

You'd have another war on your hands if you tried to move the black folks out of Decatur or Macon.

Paul Hue said...

Very funny. However, the zionists only started expelling non-jews when the non-jews started violently opposing the construction of Isreal. You and I agree that constructing Isreal in Palistine was an aweful mistake, and one impossible to justify, especially using bibical claims that god "gave" that area to jews (via a process by which David and his people exterminated the native inhabitants, whom had imposed no wrong upon David and his people).

I am certain that a portion of land exists on the earth that is either uninhabited, or wherein a majority of residents would vote to have Isreal established there. It would certainly be a quick fix for Detroit and its subburbs. I would vote for it!