Corporate Taxes, Gov't Spending Hit Records

Nadir: I remember when I was a leftist... and a bad economist. Since you either don't read my economic comments, or I write them so poorly that you can't understand them, here is a new article, showing that in this horrible economy (to which so many hundreds of thousands -- or is it millions? -- come running from around the world every year), and with tax RATES *lower* than before, tax REVENUE is UP. And just just up a little. A LOT. A new record high.

Sadly, though, govt spending has also set a record.

OK, one more time: Tax revenue is **UP**, not down, even as tax *RATES* are down. Do you understand that Bush and Congress cannot "increase taxes" or "cut taxes", they can only increase/cut TAX RATES. When Bush cut capital gains tax RATES, he could not force more people to purchase stock. They chose to do so. Why? Cutting tax RATEs on capital gains = cutting cost of purchasing stock. You do understand that when sales tax rates are less, so is the cost of the merchandise. Are you aware that internet purchases have a sales tax of ZERO? Have you ever purchased something online because you found that the on-line cost was less due to sales tax = zero?

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