Sunsara Taylor is on The Michael Medved Show

What a dimwit.

Sunsara Taylor is an initiator of The World Can't Wait - Drive Out the Bush Regime. Over the years she has emerged as an important leading voice of a new generation rediscovering the dream of revolution and picking up communism as it is being creatively re-envisioned by Bob Avakian, Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party (that's nice Sunsara.). She fiercely believes humanity is capable of a morality flowing from principles which guide an ongoing struggle to uproot all vestiges of male supremacy, to promote and base ourselves on science and truth, to value people around the world as much as ourselves, to overcome the brutal history and present reality of racism, and to construct a whole better world in the process. She writes for Revolution and has appeared on/in: Hannity & Colmes, Fox & Friends, The New York Times, Air America, Fox News Radio with Alan Colmes, The Amsterdam News, 1010Wins, CNN.COM, NY1, and more. For speaking or interviews: sunsarasworld@yahoo.com
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What the hell kind of name is "Sunsara" anyway? Sounds like her mommy and daddy dropped a little too much acid back in the day.


Paul Hue said...

Communism and socialism on paper are much more appealing than is capitalism, democracy, and free markets. Communism and socialism on paper promise employment, equality, and prosperity for all. Capitalism, on the other does not. Yet in experimentation we find two stunning paradoxical results:

1) The private pursuit of wealth, in which private business owners strive to employ the fewest people at the lowest wages, effects the maximum possible number of people working and earning the maximum possible amount of money.

2) The government control of the economy in pursuit of universal employment and economic equality effects massive poverty and shortages.

In short, communism and socialism amount to a pursuit of Heaven on Earth, and always lead to Hell. Meanwhile, leaving people to produce, buy, and sell their own goods, services, and labor -- in an enviornment of constitutional liberal democracy and government-enforced property rights -- leads to the best-possible results, although not perfection (as defined by 100% of the population having affluence).

PS: In Tampa last weekend, I left my camera equipment in Nadir's hands, to film his participation the Detroit "World Can't Wait" activity. Meanwhile in downtown Tampa I encountered that city's rendering of the same effort. I could not resist stopping to spectate for about thirty minutes, remembering my own earnest efforts in similar demonstrations years ago. The signs ("F*CK BUSH!") and chants ("PEACE YES BUSH NO!") were just about identical to those that I held forth in my own demonstrations against Bush I and his Gulf War I. How rediculous and embarrassing and vacuous they seem now! Whose mind could any of them change? Did signs and chants change me from a leftist to a liberightian ("Fuck Dukakis!" "WAR YES CLINTON NO!")? No: quiet reading of facts and logic presented by non-chanters like Tommy Sowell, plus quiet reflections on my own life's experiances.

"The people united will never be defeated!!!!!", indeed.

"You know, I used to support Bush and his war. But then I heard somebody downtown shout, 'Fuck Bush!', and the logical errors of my perspective suddely became clear."

Nadir said...

Paul makes a good point, Slinger. Why would you hurl insults at Sunsara? Why not debate the ideas or the issues?

As Paul says, just saying "Fuck Bush" doesn't even begin to sway someone's opinion. You have to look at the facts and the issues if you're intersted in intelligent debate.

You believe she is a "dimwit" because she is a communist? Aren't you the person who said he would lose work if some of your colleagues knew about your political leanings? Don't be a hypocrite.

Do you say the same types of things about me, my politics and my name when I'm not around?

I thought we were having real conversations here. Let's talk about the issues.

Nadir said...
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Nadir said...

On my way to the State of Emergency benefit I ran into the salesman who sold us our carpet. When I told him where I was going he applauded me.

He told me he has traditionally been a "white, surbaban Republican." However, he believes Bush isn't helping anyone. He said even if he could see him helping someone else, he could say, "Well, he isn't helping me, but he's helping this guy."

But Bush's policies are helping no one.

Let's be honest: Are your lives better now than they were a year ago? Do you feel more secure than you did five years ago?

Nadir said...

Again, I don't say often that Paul is right, but just screaming obscenities about Bush will NOT help people change their minds. In fact, this forum shows that logic doesn't work on some people.

In my announcement about the World Can't Wait benefit I wrote the following:

"Millions of people all over the planet are deeply disturbed by the disastrous course that the United States has taken under the presidential administration of George W. Bush.

The citizens of the world are outraged over the ill-conceived and illegitimate U.S.- led invasion of Iraq. Thousands of people are killing and dying in a conflict that was sold to us all based on what the president himself has called "wrong" intelligence.

The people of the world are disgusted that the United States is practicing torture at the Marine base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, at prisons in Iraq and at secret camps in "parts unknown". The world watches in stunned disbelief as the great democracies of the United States, Canada and France support the violent coup that overthrew the democratically elected government of Haiti. The nations of the world have pleaded with the Bush regime to reverse its positions on environmental concerns and on its unfair international trade policies.

The world was appalled by the U.S. government's failures during Hurricane Katrina, but Bush commended his inept appointee, former FEMA head Michael Brown, for his actions during the disaster in New Orleans. The mantra of the year may have been "George Bush Doesn't Care About Black People", but it became clear in December that the Bush regime doesn't like poor people at all when Dick Cheney cut short a trip to earthquake ravaged Pakistan to ensure passage of a budget bill that cut federal funds for social programs. Instability in the Middle East provides an excuse for oil companies to raise prices and reap record profits. Of course, this is good news for Cheney's company Halliburton which has been awarded the contracts to rebuild both Iraq AND New Orleans.

The American middle class will also suffer as Bush's Republican-controlled Congress changed bankruptcy and lending laws to benefit lenders, and as the U.S. economy continues to lag in part because of Bush tax cuts which help relieve the tax burden of corporations and the wealthy, but have sent the federal deficit spiraling to record levels. To top it all off, the president admits that he has committed federal crimes by spying on American citizens without warrants, says he was right to do it and says he will continue to do it!

Can the world really stand another year of this regime? Is there enough political will to remove a man who was the beneficiary of two flawed elections?

As further evidence of corruption and misconduct in the Bush White House comes to light, more Americans have become fed up with the antics of his administration, and Bush's job approval ratings have fallen. Congressman John Conyers (D-Detroit, MI) has taken steps to censure Bush and Cheney and to investigate impeachable offenses committed by the Bush administration for its "widespread abuses of power."

World Can't Wait (www.worldcantwait.org) is a coalition of organizations and individuals that seeks "to create a political situation where the Bush administration's program is repudiated, where Bush himself is driven from office, and where the whole direction he has been taking U.S. society is reversed." They have purchased advertising in the New York Times and on Air America Radio and elsewhere, but much more is needed."

So let's talk about the issues. This is why people are pissed off.