Uber Lib Feminist Now Opposes Duke DA

This chick originally bought the fake Duke rape assuser Crystal Magnum's story. More precisely, she bought the DA's claims... just like everybody else. But she has since joined the sensible people who bothered to evaluate the facts, once they materialized. I share her view that although we should despise Magnum, we should even more so pitty her, and despise the DA for not sorting this out rationally at the start. Magnum is a troubled and sick woman, one who probably creates a lot of messes for herself and others. Surely we should expect officials in the legal system to not transform one of her messes into a media sensation, and false arrest of other citizens.

Also a nice two-part summary from Tom Sowell: 1 and 2.

I will never understand the anti-police / prosecution champion Nadir sitting this one out...


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Wash Post op-ed, by a former CA prosecutor.

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About how significant it is that Estritch -- proponent of the "women never lie myth -- has finally seen the obvious in this matter.