Affirmative Action in MI RIP

Good riddance. The title of the measure caused confusion, but only because fools like Jesse Jackson use the term "Civil Rights" to now include racial preferences. But the language on the ballot did not include this term, and was very clear: Vote Yes to ban Affirmative Action. Nothing could be more plain, and this measure passed not because of confusion, but because a strong majority of Michigan residents reject Affirmative Action.

Black folks who work hard will do just fine, and they won't have their accomplishments demeaned. Lowering standards for blacks does not help black folks.


Nadir said...

Finding new ways to cut anyone, black or white, out of badly needed education, jobs and contracts for small business in an economy as depressed as Michigan's is a bad idea. We should be creating educational opportunities and making it easier for everyone to get a degree or a job, not making it harder.

You also underestimate how this proposal will affect gender specific programs. Any state funding for girls sports or educational programs is now banned.

This was a bad proposal, and its passage won't have the effect that you think it will. It will only prove negative for a state that is already poor and already seriously divided by racial lines.

Paul Hue said...

Broads are already beating boys in just about every education measure: they graduate at higher rates, earn better GPAs and test scores, and matriculate into college at higher rates. Gender-imposed sports programs has proven preposterously wasteful; since fewer chicks choose to particuate in sports, popular dude sports get cut while colleges beg girls to join rowing teams.

The data in California prove that fewer blacks don't attend college, just fewer blacks with low academic credentials get mis-matched into over-their-head programs: The UC system lost no black students, but UC-Berkely lost black students while increasing black graduation rates...

...and fewer honkies got into UC-Berkely, because race-based admissions was getting lower-qualified honkies in at the expense of super-achieving Asians.

AA causes waste in contracting, with all the phoney middle-man "rent-a-negro" outfits, formed merely to manage payments from govt agencies through a phantom "minority-owned" company, which in turn paied a real company to provide the work. Without AA, real black companies get real contracts, and there's more money available for such real jobs.