My Vote for Mich Governer: Libertarian

Here I am, sitting at my desk, drinking some marvelous coffee, and soberly perusing my paper ABSENTEE BALLOT and comparing it with the corresponding electronic reference ballot at publius.us. Publius (bio of this Roman leader) presents the same ballot, but with weblinks for each candidate and issue. This is the only way to vote! Why drive to the polling station (sounds like the name of one of Nadir's dad's leather bars), wait in line, and vote without the benefit of knowledge resources?

For Michigan governor of course I crossed-out the Democrat and Green Party candidates. Since the Libertarians and US Taxpayer Parties fielded alternatives to the Repos, I also crossed-out the Repos. Those bastards have let me down so bad, the hell with them. The Libs are running a negro, Greg Creswell (linked above), and the USTs an Indian immigrant Bhagwan Dashairya. I could not be happier choosing between two low-taxing non-honkies. But as you can see, Bhagwan's website is an absolute mess. It provides me no help in ascertaining his views, for one thing, and for another indicates a man -- and a party -- that doesn't have its stuff together. Creswell's website, conversely, clearly displays his positions on a few issues (though not all issues pertinent to the Michigan governor). It's not great (the "contact me" page provides only US postal address, and the site contains no link to a Libertarian Party website), but much better than Bhagwan's.

I voted Libertarian in every race with such a candidate, and Repo in the few cases without a Lib contestant. In races where no candidates had websites, I didn't vote. Nearly all the judge contests exclude party affiliations, and most of the candidates have no websites. With no basis for voting, I voted for nobody.

And of course I voted to end Michigan Affirmative Action.


sixstringslinger said...

Sorry man, but you're simply throwing your vote away. It's a pointless waste.

Paul Hue said...

Six: I'm disgusted with the repos. I don't want to encourage them. And although I oppose Affirmative Action as a government mandate, I do want to see more than just honkey dudes running every thing. The Libertarians and US Taxpayer parties both nominated non-honkies at the top of their tickets, and I ideologically support them more than I do the republican record. So I only chose between them.

You and I assumed that repos would be less corrupt than demos, and more competent. Have they been? We assumed that they would be less likely to roll pork barrels and otherwise stuff the budget with goodies. Have they been? Then they want to imprison people for setting fire to their own American flags, join hands with the demos in banning recreational drugs, and they've stopped advocating privatized Social Security and a universal flat tax.

Screw 'em!

Maybe if they see a shift in votes to the Libertarians, they will start re-adopting libertarian policies in order to re-capture those votes. Voting repo certainly hasn't made me very proud the past few years (except for the tax cuts pumping the economy).