Jewish / Black Disparity in US Senate

Jews compose about 1% of the US population, but 13% of the US Senate;
Blacks compose about 12% of the US population, but only 1% of the US Senate.

One possible explanation: Blacks vote in a 90% block, for democrats, whereas Jewish voting patterns nearly approximate the general white distribution about evenly demo/repo.


Nadir said...

What about racism? What about Tennessee Senate ads with a blonde woman telling black candidate Harold Ford to call her?

What about Michigan state senate ads accusing a white liberal candidate of selling the suburbs out to Detroit?

What about proposal 2?

Racism should also be considered as a factor in this.

Paul Hue said...

1. The Harold Ford ad was racist only to people who want to find racism everywhere, and assume it is everywhere. If the producers of the ad had used a black woman, the racist-spotters would have claimed that they were racist for requiring a black actress to match with a black guy, when the ho's at the playboy party were factually mostly -- or entirely -- white. TN voters disproportionately voted for Ford despite their proponderance for republicans. I see no racism there.

2. Detroit is a very dysfunctional city run by super-currupt and incompetent people. However, 99.952% of the honkies in the subburbs want Detroit to succeed, including all the people in it. The higher the crime and unemployment rates in Detroit, and the lower the test scores and graduation rates, the worse the regional economy; nobody benefits from Detroit failure, and everybody suffers from it. And a great deal of blacks live in the subburbs. Helping the incompetent Detroit leaders ruin their own city -- and drag down the rest of the region -- benefits nobody, and opposing such action does not constitute racism.

3. Proposal 2 wasn't racist; it was anti-racist. It opposed affirmative action. Many people, including me, devoted to the advancement of colored people believe that AA impedes that advancement.