USA's Side in Vietnam Finally Wins

Apparently the lousy VC and NVA could have spared their nation millions of deaths and decades of misery by merely giving the US plan a chance in Vietnam. South Korea, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, and Japan have already proven beyond doubt that US military operations since 1940 can lead to freedom, independence, security, and prosperity, if local people so choose. The anti-commie crusaders of the cold war were apparently correct in their assessments of communism, socialism, capitalism, and democracy. As we see here in Vietnam, "planned economies", with rationed and "universal" healthcare, housing, employment, land, etc. produces a universal average far less than what free markets do; in the case of Vietnam, extreme socialism produced extreme poverty, scarcity, hopelessness, and misery. As in China and India, reduction of poverty in Vietnam has proceeded only as a consequence of increased market freedoms.

Socialism promises perfection, but delivers far less than the accurate capitalist promise of imperfection.


Paul Hue said...

"The conquered South led the economic charge in part because it had experience with colonial markets and benefited from America's wartime infrastructure of roads, highways, airbases and ports."

American military operations can be the best thing that ever happened to a country. See: Japan, Germany, Italy, South Korea, and North Carolina.

Nadir said...

Why do white folks always take credit for any progress that occurs in non-white countries?

Vietnam is still communist and has the second fastest growing economy in the world (after communist China). If anything, the market reforms that have taken hold in Vietnam were DELAYED by the Vietnam war. Think of where the nation would be had Vietnamese independence taken hold in the 50's without interference from the US and 30 years of rebuilding after America's 20 year "police action".

You get no props for Vietnam's progress. They kicked America's ass and turned their own country around. Let them savor their own victory without white capitalists taking the credit.