Another Iraq War Supporter Wants Out

I agree with this guy in blaming the Iraqi people for the overall failure there, and the apparent inability so far of Arabs in the modern age to achieve civilization, even -- this case -- when the opportunity is handed to them. Very sad. But this author overlooks the success of the people in Iraq's Kurdish third to achieve just that. The 1992 Bush I Kuwaiti war gave that portion of Iraq a chance at civilization, and the people there took it. The 2002 Bush II invasion gave the people there a chance to make their achievement permanent, while simultaneously giving the Arab 2/3rds of Iraq an even better shot at civilization that the Kurds got in 1992.

People like Nadir and Tom acknowledge times in human history when white folks demonstrated no capacity to achieve civilization during periods when non-honkeys did so, including periods when Iraqis, Iranians, Indians, and Egyptians achieved, maintained, and advanced civilization. Why are the the Toms and Nadirs incapable of acknowledging contemporary failures of non-cracker peoples? Meanwhile increasing numbers of non-crackers do achieve and maintain civilizations, in South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Iraq's Kurdistan, Singapore, and surely other nations. Just not yet in Arabia.

I further agree with the author of this article that attempting to establish a civilization in Iraq via force represented a noble effort, and enough facts and sound logic indicated enough of a chance that it was worth a try.

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republican brother said...

Iraqi soliders and policeman have been dying in much larger numbers then our soliders. That part seems to never get broadcasted on the nightly news for some reason. The Iraqi government needs to cut its teeth and show some authority. This kind of violence wasn't going on when saddam was in power. I'm not saying saddam should have been left in power, but I am saying that some people respect fear and brute force more so then diplomacy and a slap on the wrist.