Do Repos Suppress or Attract Black Voters?

This Newsweek article says that Bush made enough headway with black voters last election for these votes to have accounted for his election. It includes the tired old civil war horses, Jesse and Al, lamenting that the repos have managed to attract too many blacks to vote repo, and they aim now to re-attract these turncoat voters back to the demo ledger. But Jesse and Al have led the charge that repos "disenfranchised" blacks the last few elections. Well, which is it? Is it possible to simultaneously suppress a group of voters while also significantly increasing their likelihood to vote for you? The article mentions all the time and money the repos have spent to attract black voters. Does it make sense for them to also suppress these voters?

All the political calculus I've seen that addresses this matter indicates that if the repos can get just 15% of blacks to vote repo -- last election repos set a record with 11%, up from the usual 6% -- the demos are sunk. Is it easier for repose to squeeze a few more percentage points out of blacks than it is to "suppress" the votes of that many (with tactics that demos like Al and Jesse have used to instigate black voters!).


republican brother said...
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republican brother said...

As a black republican, I wonder why I haven't been "disinfranchised" yet? I think it's discrimination. The big bad republicans haven't tried to suppress my vote. Is my vote not good enough for them to do so? I want to be included too!!!lol
It's pretty sad that Democrats can smear and lie about reps, and blacks will never question them or doubt what they say. If you "go against the grain" and use your own judgement, you then are called a sellout and much worse. Funny how white democrats aren't subjected to being subserviently loyal to the democrat party like blacks and other minoritys are "mandated too". If a white democrat changes party affliation anc become a republican, would other white democrats call that person a "trader to his or her race" for doing so?lol