Sowell on Duke Rape Hoax

Thomas Sowell neatly summarizes the Duke rape hoax. He points out how support for the hoaxer, Crystal Magnum, by the black "community activists" greatly weakens their hand in protecting black men from false accusations, and exposes their own racism. And he notices that whereas the DA has admitted to never interviewing Magnum or her stripper partner, his office expended great effort in scrutinizing the cab driver who corroborated one of the victim's alibis. The DA's effort with the pro-victim cab driver resulted in the cabbie's arrest for shop lifting committed by one of his fares, and for which he assisted in the identification, arrest, and prosecution. Will this experience make other potential pro-victim witnesses from getting involved?


Paul Hue said...


Nifong explains why he's never himself interviewed the accuser/hoaxer or her stripper partner.

Paul Hue said...


Some more comments from DA about why he conducted no interviews of accuser/hoaxer Magnum or her stripper partner. I understand why DAs don't normally do this, but nowhere in any of the evidence (all now long since released to the defense attorneys and from them to the media) do we find a nailed-down, final claim by the Magnum of what she says happened. Nifong has not, even when questioned by the defense in court, cited which of Magnum's statements represents her final claim of what happened. Nifong says that he lets the police conduct the investigation, and he directs them. But this has not led to simple fixed statement of what Magnum says happened, for which the hoax victims are going to stand trial. But one thing is clear, whatever she claims in court, several documented statements by her in the record will contradict her testimony, as will testimony by her stripper partner.

And what will the "community activists" say in the future some black guys get falsely accused by a white stripper crying rape as she's being arrested for public intoxification and about to be involuntarily tested for illegal drugs?