Against Affirmative Action... In India

India contemplates creating an Affirmative Action program in university admissions, etc., to combat the effects of hundreds of years of racial "caste" suppression. This writer, an Indian, opposes the proposition, but overlooks one of the best arguments against this plan: Indian immigrants in the US out-perform the honkey American average in education, income, wealth, credit scores, and criminal records despite historical US honkey anti-Indian attitudes.

What is the current US honkey attitude towards Indians? This: smarter and harder working than honkies, and less violent and criminal than honkies. What did it used to be? Just take a look at the old classic Cary Grant, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. film, Gunga Din, which depicts Indians as lazy, stupid, violent, ignorant, backwards, ridiculous, and devious. With honkies in the US thinking this of Indians, how did the honkey perception of Indians change to the point where honkies now think that Indians are *superior*? It wasn't Affirmative Action; it was THE ACTIONS OF INDIANS.

And how have Indians excelled and triumphed in the US? Combination of their own efforts, plus the lack of racism amongst 21st century honkies.

C'mon, black folks, GET IT TOGETHER! My absentee ballot arrived Saturday, and today I vote YES to eliminating Affirmative Action in Michigan, confident that my negro children's success or failure will derive 100% from their own actions, and that AA will only serve to either demean their success, or reward them for mediocrity.

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