Banks Court Hispanic Customers

But I thought that banks were racist (except to Asians!), baldly denying credit to black people with the same credit scores as whites whom they accept.


Nadir said...

Paul, you're such a race-baiter.

Banks only care about one color - green. They certainly want blacks to open accounts with them even if they won't grant them loans. The same holds true for Latinos.

Additionally, many Latinos would be characterized as "white", so your point is moot.

Paul Hue said...

So you are alleging that bank managers somehow want to make money from blacks only via bank account charges, but not by the much more lucrative home mortgage market...

I'm confused by your view about Hispanics. Do the bank managers want them for all business because many of them are white? Or do they only want them for bank accounts because so many of them are non-white? Or are the bank managers distinguishing between white and non-white hispanics?

And I thought that white citizens who opposed massive hispanic immigration out of racism, which would indicate that the growing hispanic population was non-white. Please help sort out your view.

And by the way, our friend Andrew gets about 10 or so mortgages a year. He is black. I have asked him about this. He says that he gets all of his mortgages over the phone, on-line, or from black bankers inside Detroit, depending on various factors. He believes that race does not, and cannot, play a role in obtaining a mortgage: credit score is king, he says.

Nadir said...

You constantly try to inject your view that racism doesn't exist into every argument. This blog should be renamed "What is and isn't racism" because that's all we seem to talk about lately.

I don't intend to argue with you about every single news article and whether one incident of a white person not being racist proves that racism no longer exists in America. That's stupid.

You know it exists. I have stated that it isn't the problem that it used to be, but that it is still a problem. We agree on this. Why are you still harping on it?

Aren't there more interesting topics to discuss? Why do we have to rehash the same argument on every post? Why do you insist on playing "I gotcha" race cards all the time?

You're much worse than people like Sharpton and Jackson because you bring up race when there is no point. Get a life.

Paul Hue said...


1. I never claim that racism doesn't exist. I only claim that on average it no longer constitutes a major obstacle. I even point out areas were I am certain it is significant, such as in sports coaching and holliwood acting. But you keep saying that I say racism doesn't exist.

2. This subject may be the only one that you address on this blog, but I constantly post on other subjects, which you perhaps read, but do not bother adding comments. Go back and look through my posts of the past two weeks. Maybe you don't discuss those other subjects because you agree with me on them.