Where's Nadir's October Surprise?

Nadir thinks that the Bush officials have performed the following:

- Staged, or permitted, 911. But why not stage or permit some more "homeland" attacks, since those boost Bush ratings?
- Lied about WMDs in Iraq in order to win support for invasion. But why not plant WMDs to validate the lie (a lie that, by the way, was used to enable an act that would expose the lie?)?
- Rigged and otherwise "stole" the elections of 2000 and 2004. But why not rig them with higher margins of victory?

A few weeks ago Nadir raised the spector of a Bush "October Surprise" to boost Republican support going into the early November national elections. Well, it's Nov 1, and the only surprise pro-repo newsflash is silly feigned outrage at a John Kerry speech comment about failure to study leading to getting stuck in Iraq.

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Paul Hue said...

Election Day, and no devious Republican October Surprise. A few demo dirty trick surprises, with expososures of repo perverts in October. But nothing from the Repos, unless you count the Iraqi court returning a verdict for Hussein.

The repos did disgrace themselves, in my judgment, with all the shrieking over John Kerry's inconsequential remark.