New Detroit Catholic Bishop Not Unfamiliar With Stageplays

Would Detroit's new Catholic Bishop appear out-of-place at a LIZA-POLOZA! show? I can't help but imagine that he has all sorts of specific and fabulous ideas about revamping the facility costumes, lighting, and decor. Perhaps he will replace the communion scarfs with feather boas.


Nadir said...

Another post about race, though you made it seem like it is about sexual orientation.

What's up with that???

Nadir said...

And wait a minute, Paul...

Aren't you a big Frank Sinatra fan?

Aren't you a fan of old movies? I seem to remember your remarks about Casablanca. I quote "It's a perfect movie. Bogie was so so HOT!!"

And didn't you paint your living room hot pink?

Don't you refer to yourself as a "metrosexual"?

Weren't you a big anti-AIDS activist in a former life?

And you constantly mention your fantasies about my dad...

Should I continue?