Raw Milk, Please!

Scientists employed by the US government insist that raw milk -- milk that hasn't been pasteurized -- is unhealthful and dangerous. Health food freaks claim that that the benefits far exceed the risks, which are no greater than for many other foods approved by those same govt employees. OK, I've considered both sides, and I've decided that I want to purchase some raw milk from a provider. If it kills me I have nobody to blame but myself, and I'm an idiot because govt scientists are almost never wrong, right?

Please, no more laws to protect me from what other people have decided is dangerous.

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Nadir said...

Cows are for calves. Humans are the only animals that drink milk after they have been weened.

I've been buying almond milk which tastes great on my Capn Crunch.

By the way, Paul, this post is about race because it ignores the fact that many people of color are lactose intolerant. This debate is irrelevant outside European communities.