Racism's Carpetbaggers

The truth about this tragic case and what actually transpired and why remains to be seen, but what is absolutely apparent and udeniable is the utter despicableness of these two men. They are racism's blood-sucking bottom-feeders. They make me sick.


Nadir said...

I'm not a big fan of Sharpton and Jackson either, but I don't see anything wrong with them comforting the fiancee of a slain man.

Perhaps they are both a bit opportunist, but they actually have done some good in their communities and for America.

This would not have been the photo I would have used to criticize them. They are doing nothing wrong here.

sixstringslinger said...

Doesn't it bother you that every time something like this happens, one or the other or both of these two men shows up for an opportunistic photo-op and/or TV interview?

Nadir said...

Is it an opportunistic photo-op or an attempt to rally the community?

It bothers me that they don't get more done, but their presence draws media attention. Sometimes (like in the case of the Fairlane Lord & Taylor debacle) they jump to conclusions and their presence is a distraction.

I wouldn't mind them showing up at all if they were able to make some real progress on issues of racism and police brutality. In the case of this photo they are comforting an almost widow. That's what preachers are supposed to do. Is that good for the preacher's image? Sure. Does that mean they aren't sincere? No.

Paul Hue said...

What bothers me is that they contribute to jumping to conclusions, as in the famous Fairlane mall case, where the local DJ mis-identified the killer security guards as white.

But in this case, so far what I've read from Rev. Al is reasonable, as best I can tell. Maybe I need to read some more. I believe we do have a problem with too many cops too often behaving with unjustified disrespect, including outright brutality. If indeed there remains an element of racism in this, I very much want to see the evidence.

On balance, of course, we Americans enjoy a relatively decorous police force, and one whose decorum seems to increase over time.

In this particular case, it is unclear yet to me what happened. I am open to the possibility that some undercover cops overreacted to an incident, perhaps even to the point of committing murder. It is interesting that the two survivors of the shooting were put in handcuffs in the hospital, indicating that the cops were charging them with a crime... perhaps as part of a cover-up for their own misdeeds, or perhaps the victims weren't as much victims as they are claiming.

I am eager for more details.