Duke Rape Hoaxer, Yet More Evidence Against

Now we learn that Crystal Magnum's co-workers at her strip club claim that two days before the false accusation, she passed out drunk while working at the strip club. They say that they had to dress her in the back room, and in the process of carrying her to a car, they dropped her three times in the gravel parking lot!

In this transcript from attorney Greta Van Susteren's show, we have her -- like everyone, she initially believed the fake accusation -- firmly opposing Magnum's accusation, and prosecutor Nifong's decision to press the case.

One of her panelists, black criminal defense attorney Ted Grimm, who held out longer than most in supporting Magnum's increasingly preposterous claim, stands now firmly against her: "[It just] piles on and on. When you say it can't get any worse, then something else just pops up." He calls here for judicial misconduct proceedings against the prosecutor Nifong.

Another panelist, prosecutor Pam Bondi who also supported Magnum well after it became obvious that she was lying, stating now that the prosecution's case keeps getting chipped away until you think there's nothing left, and then something else gets chipped away!

Geoffry Feiger, the honkey Detroit criminal defense attorney who is very liberal and leftist, continues his advocacy against Magnum and Nifong. He also makes the obvious case (ignored by Nadir) that this case represents a typical example of prosecutors proceeding despite exculpatory evidence. Just imagine if this accuser had her act together, and could render her false accusation without such a flood of exculpatory evidence! Imagine if she had convinced one of the guys to pay her for sex, then accused him!


otrblog said...

It is not Ted Grimm. It is Ted Williams. Grimm is Bernie Grimm. And it is Mangum, not Magnum. You're on the right track though!

Paul Hue said...

otrblog: Thanks for the errata.