Glad the Repos Lost, II

Very eager to learn why Nadir thinks that Bush and the Repos lost this second midterm election. Will Nadir say that the Bush's voting machine rigs malfunctioned? Or that anti-black repo vote suppression efforts also malfunctioned?

I think that this article pretty well describes most of the explanation: many of us repo voters got let down by such factors as the repos proving to be no more ethical, competent, or pork-free than the demos. Also, Bush stopped pushing for a low flat tax, social security privatization, and school vouchers. And no matter if you want lots of Mexican immigrants, or much fewer, no repo wants immigration to proceed via extra-democratic means ala unenforced laws.

Nobody has yet articulated the frustration of we Christopher Hitchens repo voters who disagree with the repos on most of the "morality" issues:

- We support abortion rights (though, at least in my case, not for the reasons that liberals do).
- We support gay marriage, or at least don't care one bit about it.
- We want no religion in any official government capacity, though some of us would permit private citizens to bring religion to public spaces.


Nadir said...

Okay. Here's the deal:

Republicans have sucked for six years. It just took a lot of you right-wingnuts six years to get your heads out of your anuses to notice.

Stolen ballots were only part of the reason for Democratic losses in 2000 and 2004. They were significant, but only in tipping the balance in very close elections. This time it wasn't close enough for the cheaters to prosper.

Other factors for Democratic losses in 2000 and 2004 include, but are not limited to:
1. superior Republican campaigning
2. horrible presidential candidates in Gore and Kerry
3. horrible campaigning by those horrible candidates
4. the ability of Republicans to mobilize their radical religious base around "social" issues in 2004 especially
5. the failure of Democrats to present a clear vision or alternative to Republican rule

The primary factor this year, however, is that you right-wing nuts finally got as frustrated as the rest of us. Bush and the Republicans have been failing us the whole time. It just took you a while to see it because you were blinded by pink walls purchased with an extra $600 in tax cuts, the illusion of "job security", and your fear of Muslims, Mexicans and other minorities.

Paul Hue said...

So the Demos have now presented a "clear vision or alternative" to the repos?

And they have fielded better candidates than Kerry? By the way, I don't know how you can cast Gore as a loser; he got a bigger fraction of votes than Clinton ever did, and got hurt by a leftist third party candidate, whereas Clinton got helped in each of his elections (in which he never won the popular vote) by a righty third party candidate.

That $600 tax break produced much more benefits for individuals than $600, by the way. With all the extra money floating around in the free market, many fewer people lost jobs, and many more people got raises, than if instead the fedl govt had taken those millions of $600 tax breaks.

Paul Hue said...

Fascinating to learn that the repo "vote rigging" and "black disenfranchisement" only amounts to a very razor-thin difference; I'm glad to know that this evil power doesn't rise to a higher magnetude. But even when this sliver of a factor fails, shouldn't the righteous shed light on it? Especially now with the new Demo power, I hope they work to eliminate even this weak form of republican election immorality.