ABC News: Death squads roam Iraq

Rumsfeld denies there's a civil war in Iraq. Meanwhile, the mainstream media and the State Department are describing what's essentially a dirty war being waged by the majority Shiite government against the Sunni minority.
From the above-linked article:
Some Sunnis call it a dirty war. While many Americans may be under the impression that most violence here is from car bombs and improvised explosive devices, experts say most murders are executions. John Pace, the former director of the United Nations' human rights office in Baghdad, said up to 2,000 are being executed a month — handcuffed, shot in the head. Six more were discovered in Baghdad this morning.

"Certainly, the Ministry of Interior is well-known to be responsible for this kind of summary execution and torture," Pace said, "and also the militias."

Here's more:
n its annual report on human rights this week, the U.S. State Department reported that in Iraq, "Members of sectarian militias dominated police units … there were a number of deaths either at police hands or at the hands of militia members and criminals wearing police uniforms."

Sounds like Rumsfeld's "what civil war?" claim will go the same way as his "WMDs pose imminent danger" claim; and his promise that "they'll greet us with flowers." Not to mention his declaration that the Iraqi insurgency was composed of a "bunch of dead-enders" who would quickly succumb to US military might. That claim came going on three years now. Maybe it's time for Rumsfeld to follow his absurd declarations into history's dustbin.

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Paul Hue said...

OK, Tom! In some parts of Iraq, things are REALLY bad! Rumsfield might even be wrong that there's no civil war! But was he wrong that Baghdad would fall quickly with little loss of GI life? And that elections would get held on-schedule, attract a strong turnout and little violence? So, he's been right about some things, and wrong about others.

You've apparently been wrong about some things here, too, no? Could it be true that some of this killing is of horrible, KKK-type people, and represents important progress?